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What we do offer?

Software architectural services involve designing the structure of software systems, including frameworks, tech choices, and integration methods, to ensure robust functionality and scalability.

Software development services create custom solutions like web apps, e-commerce platforms, and crypto technologies, focusing on server architecture and user-centric design for optimal performance.

Software maintenance services ensure the ongoing efficiency and security of systems such as web apps, e-commerce platforms, and crypto technologies through updates, bug fixes, and server management.

Software characterization services assess and define the features of systems like web apps, e-commerce platforms, and crypto technologies, focusing on performance, security, and scalability metrics.

About us

At CODJA, we transform your vision into innovation. Specializing in web applications, e-commerce, mobile apps, and cutting-edge technologies like AI and deep learning, our expertise is broad and deep. With extensive experience in CRM systems, APIs, and cryptocurrency solutions, we ensure seamless integrations and superior functionality. Our unique creative approach isn’t just a promise—it’s our practice. From initial consultations to deploying tailored system architecture, we manage every step to turn your imagination into creation. Trust CODJA to not just meet, but exceed your digital expectations. Let’s build the future together.


- Our Services -


Web Applications

Full-stack dev: We craft bespoke websites, e-commerce solutions, and web software, integrating platforms like WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, and IoT for robust online experiences.


Sass Apps&Servcies

Tailoring scalable SaaS applications and web services, ensuring seamless user journeys and robust backend functionality for diverse online tools.


CRM Integrations

Integrating Salesforce, Zoho, Monday, Jira, Asana, plus bespoke APIs for seamless data synchronization and efficient workflow management.


Technological consulting

Delivering strategic software architecture and detailed system characterization to optimize performance and scalability in complex environments.


Accessability Solutions

Offering solutions aligned with ISO standards and GDPR, ensuring accessibility for all users while meeting stringent data privacy regulations.


Applications Development

Native and Hybrid apps with Flutter for high-performance, and utilizing PWA, Cordova for cost-effective, scalable cross-platform solutions.


Api Integrations

We specialize in creating and integrating APIs with a commitment to high standards, ensuring seamless functionality and communication between services.



Crafting proof-of-concept solutions that demonstrate the feasibility, potential, and practicality of innovative ideas in real-world applications.



Implementing rigorous quality assurance and continuous monitoring to ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability in all solutions.


BlockChain Development

Building secure and scalable blockchain solutions, focusing on innovation and efficiency to empower decentralized applications.



Expertly implementing AWS, Google Cloud, VPS, and more, enhancing scalability, performance, and security across your digital infrastructure.


Embedde Apps

Creating specialized software for embedded systems, focusing on reliable, high-performance applications tailored to specific hardware requirements.